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The animals are what make puffin croft so special. A happy animal is a friendly animal and Puffin croft has some real characters! 

If you would like to find out more about adopting an animal please click here: 

all the money from animal adoptions goes to their continued care and well being. 


                                              Jack  is 8 years old and can be a bit cheeky! visitors                                                          often think he's Jenny's foal because he is much                                                             smaller than her. He is fully grown but just a small                                                       donkey.

                                           Jenny is 13 years old and the biggest animal on the                                                        farm. She is currently in foal with her due date around                                                  the middle of April 2018. She is a gentle girl and an                                                      amazing mum.



                                            Bo - a pure white castrated anglo-nubian male who                                                       rules the goat herd and loves his carrots! Don't be                                                           nervous if he towers over you when you visit, he is a big                                                 gentle softie.




                                            Flower - the blond twin to fawn - she is half anglo-                                                     nubian and half Pygmy goat, she is confident and                                                         friendly and likes to nibble on anything she can! 



                                                      Fawn - the Beige twin to Flower - she is haf                                                                     anglo-nubian and half pygmy goat, the bolder of                                                           the twins and not afraid of a little mischief! She                                                             especially enjoys climbing! 


                                                    Henry - A black and White castrated pygmy male. He                                                       loves head scratches and will stand there all day if                                                         you continue to scratch him. He bosses the other                                                             goats around being number 2 in the Herd and is                                                             also the one most likely to escape! He keeps you on                                                         your toes but is really just a big love!

                                                    Eli - a dark brown castrated pygmy male. A quiet                                                             friendly boy happy to be part of the gang and play                                                           with the others. Likes to spend time with haggis

                                                    Haggis - a Tan/ginger castrated pygmy male. The                                                             lowest ranking in the herd, friendly and curious.                                                         likes to spend time with Eli.


                                                  Beans - An anglo-nubian cross she is the twin sister                                                      to Willow. Beans is in Kid for the first time and due                                                      the beginning of June! 

                                               Willow - an Anglo-Nubian Cross and twin sister to                                                       Beans. She has one horn shorter than the other. When                                                   she was with her first owner she got her horn stuck in                                                     a fence. They cut her horn to free her not realising                                                         their is a blood vein that runs through goats horns. It                                                   must have been a very painful experience! Thankfully                                                     willow is fine, happy and very good at escaping the pen!


                                        Cauliflower - Look at this cute face! Cauliflower is only a                                              kid, born the 20th January on a goat dairy farm. He is an                                              anglo-nubian cross and the brother of Chickpea.He has come                                          to Puffin Croft to look after his sister. He is friendly, cheeky                                          and seriously cute! 

                                               Chickpea - This little goat is only a kid, born the 20th                                                     January on a goat dairy farm. she is an anglo-                                                               nubian cross and the sister of Cauliflower. Chickpea was                                                 born with Cataracts and is blind.She is a sweet and                                                         trusting little girl!  



                                            Mr Bingley - a rather handsome fellow! A pot bellied                                                       boar with impressive tusks and beautiful eyes! He thinks                                                   he wants to be big and bad but if you can scratch him on                                                 the back or behind his ears he melts!


                                                                 Dolly -a black kune-kune female. with                                                                          her teeth, troll hair and wart - she's                                                                                gorgeous! she will greet you with friendly                                                                        grunts and stand there for ages if you give                                                                      her a scratch.

                                                                 Dotty - a black and beige spotted kune-                                                                          kune female - also a bit of a looker with                                                                        her small eyes and big teeth. Loves nothing                                                                    more than a belly rub especially in the                                                                            sunshine.

                                             Rose - Black micro-pig. Happy little girl who loves her                                                    food and sleep more than anything else! she can be                                                        grumpy to Thistle but they get on like an old married                                                    couple and most of the time her tail is wagging. We are                                                  hopeful that rose and Thistle will be first time parents                                                    in the near future.

                                                              Thistle - Pink micro-Pig. So friendly with                                                                       his small tusks that he likes to squeak                                                                             together and half the time covered in dirt as                                                                   he works on his excavation site. He isn't as                                                                     interested in carrots as the other animals                                                                       but does love a good scratch.


                                            Poppy - a mixed breed sheep 2 days older than buttercup.                                                 Third born of triplets who couldn't keep up with her                                                       siblings and mum she came to the croft in March as a lamb                                             needing 5 bottles a day and living inside the farmhouse                                                 for a while. She thinks she is a dog, is very friendly and                                                 loves neck scratches and running and jumping around -                                             if you go first! Her Greatest Pleasure is standing on an                                                   upside down bucket - she can do it for hours! 

                                                  Buttercup - a mixed breed sheep 2 days younger than                                                       poppy. First born of twins but walked away from her                                                       mum and got licked by another sheep. The mum then                                                     rejected her and wouldn't let her come near her. She                                                     came to the croft in March as a lamb needing 5 bottles                                                   a day and living inside the farmhouse for a while. She                                                   will do anything poppy does!  



                                                     BINKY -  a mixed breed Rabbit                                                         and came from the sspca after being found as a stray                                                       in very bad shape with hair missing and broken                                                               toes.She is now a healthy, happy ball of buttercream! 


                                        Ginger  - a neutered lion head male - the only boy in Rabbit                                         town!! likes to dig and spend time with velveteen, friendly                                          and easy going.

                                                             Velveteen - a black Rex female - fur like velvet,                                                              she is a sweet little rabbit with an adventurous                                                                spirit. After escaping several times she was                                                                      recently mum to two litters of baby rabbits! 



                                               Atilla the Bun - a grey and white half lop male - on a                                                    constant mission to a/ escape and b/ get to the girls he                                                  has suceeded at both on several occasions ending up in                                                  bunny prison a few times while having his pen                                                               "fortified" friendly and adventurous he is a big character                                                for such a small rabbit.