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I moved to the highlands of scotland in september 2016 to start a new life at puffin croft as Miss Puffin! 

originally from the north west of England, the middle child of three girls i was raised by a single mum who instilled in her daughters strength, Independence and a belief we can do whatever we want. 

I spent a number of years living in New york, Paris and London pursuing artistic dreams whilst also working as a nanny. In the end i spent over 25 years as a professional nanny around the world, though I always dreamt of owning donkeys one day and really just wanted a job that involved cuddling cute animals!


In March 2015 my mum passed away. Her death was a huge loss and the pain of not having her in my life and what i call"the Great Missing" took me on a journey through the darkest grief to a decision to celebrate the love i had been lucky enough to know. 

making this choice motivated me to start to dream again about what i would like to do and where i would like to go. I started to think again about having a small farm and owning donkeys. In july my sister sent me the link to puffin croft that was for sale and things  snowballed from there - within 10 weeks of seeing the advert i was here! 

John O'groats is a beautiful part of the world, the nature and scenery is stunning and the people are some of the friendliest i have ever met. IT's a great community to be part of. and while i have never worked harder in my life, i still make sure that i get plenty of cuddles with all my animals every day! 

The farm is constantly evolving and being shaped into how i would like it to be. i hope though, that when you visit you will also sense how happy and friendly the animals are and get to enjoy some cuddle time too! 


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